Stand Eurocucina / FTK 2018



On the occasion of Eurocucina / FTK 2018, Sirius Spa unveils the new collection of kitchen hoods designed by Giacomo Fava, at the stand projected by Giacomo Fava and realized by Reset Project.

Among the latest products, we signal the project “Ceramic: Handmade in Deruta”, a new concept of cooker hood connected to the hob and two new models of downdraft, the perfect synthesis of functionality, aesthetic and efficiency.

The models Hive, Deruta, Snoop, Link, Square belong to the project Ceramic: Handmade in Deruta, born thanks to the cooperation, started in 2015, with the town of Deruta. Each single piece is entirely realized by ceramic craftsmen from the small city in the Umbria region, renowned all over the world for the fine manufacturing of ceramic. The combination between the precision of the machinery and creativity of the manual work allows to create objects with a soul full of technology. Though being produced in series, they maintain that authenticity typical of the unique piece.

Balance and Sunrise are the new downdraft made by Sirius. In the Balance the most advanced technologies combined with flowing lines and with an exceptional care of details embody the perfect synthesis of functionality, aesthetic and efficiency. The reflections of the glass paired to the majesty of polished steel confer to the object a delicate elegance. An intuitive touchscreen interface, placed on the top, allows to manage all the functions of the product. When it is not in function, the hood is hidden inside the cooktop. Sunrise rises from the cooktop when activated thanks to a remote control, which operates all the functions of the product. The design draws and re-elaborate the fluid and soft shapes from 40s and 50s in a futuristic key.

Synthesis SDDH3 combines hob and hood in just one element. It actually is an induction hob with a totally integrated system of air suction. Thanks to the combination with efficient and silent motors, Synthesis catches odors and steam before they rise.

Flat is one of the most thin kitchen hoods in the market.  The rounded shape of the two vertical panels and the peculiar treatment of the glass surface create an interesting lights game, characterized by the succession of glares and transparencies. To this product, as well as to the other wall hoods, it is possible to pair a connected hob, so that the functions of extraction and cooking can interact.

Tech is a new wall hood. The two vertical panels, the fixed one with texture and the mobile one made of extra bright glass, represent the architectural dichotomy of full – empty. The peculiar texture of polished stainless steel filters, visible thanks to the glass transparency, underlines the main mission of the object: purify the air.

Essence is a kitchen hood completely hidden inside the cooktop. Through a simple finger touch on the touchscreen, a glass panel opens automatically allowing the entrance of cooking vapors and smells.

Wing is the new built-in model from Sirius. Equipped with LED light, it is activated by the touch screen interface on the glass panel. This panel, which rotates thanks to the hinges, opens allowing both to display the controls and to channel the vapors to the suction grille and then closes and hides again inside the furniture when the kitchen hood is not in function.

The aesthetic of the model Roll  represents the perfect synthesis between sensuality and functionality. It can be installed only in filtering mode and all the functions are managed by a remote control.

Slt970 is a model which completes the wide range of ceiling kitchen hoods. The elegant style allows this product to be installed with discretion in kitchens of every kind.