Ceramic handmade



Ceramic: Handmade in Deruta is a collection of cooker hoods realized in cooperation with the town of Deruta. Every single piece is wholly handmade by ceramic masters in the little Umbria town, which is renowned in the entire world for the prestigious manufacturing of ceramic. From the simple mixture of water and clay, shaped by the hands of the artist-craftsman, unique creations are born. The manufacturing time is quite long and requires several delicate steps, so that the finished product has perfect handcraft. Ceramic is an extraordinary material, malleable, ductile, endowed of the most resistant physical properties. In spite of its unlimited potential, however, designers have always considered ceramic as a material more pertaining to sculptors and – apart from bathrooms fixtures – only few examples of ceramic’s application to produce industrial goods exist. The curiosity of experimenting new languages in a pretty industrial field – as the one of electric household appliances is – pushed us forward. It drew us to cross the border between art/handcraft and industry. We gave life to objects with a technological soul, which – though being produced in series – maintain that authenticity typical of the unique piece.