Air purifier




Pollutants can build up inside our house. Bacteria, virus, mold, mites and all sorts of invisible enemies threaten our health and often cause allergies, flu and asthma. Air puirifier detects and captures all pollutant particles, releasing purified air in the whole room. It replicates the chemical process of air purification that naturally happens in our atmosphere. It features not only an ionizer generating a high density of negative ions, but also a highly technologically HEPA filter, that captures even the tiniest particles, creating an ideal environment for taking care of our children. An intelligent sensor analyzes the quality of the air in real time and it activates the purifier automatically. It is possible to customize the purification process, by means of the manual control. Through an intuitive touch, 4 different speeds can be selected and set.

  • Range of activity: 40 m2;
  • HEPA H12 Filter, particles down to 0.3 micrometers;
  • Ionizer generating a high density of negative ions;
  • Intelligent sensor with automatic analysis of the air quality;
  • The combined function between the HEPA and the ionizer detects and captures particles that are one hundred times smaller than PM 2.5;
  • It removes up to 99,5 % of bacteria and virus in the air;
  • Automatic and manual function;
  • R&D project developed in cooperation with an academic spin– off from the University Politecnica delle Marche.